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A logo gives a unique identity and emotion to a brand. When we think of brands, the first thing that comes to our mind is the logo. A logo represents a brand. We know how a logo presents a company personally. That is why it is very important to hire the best logo agency and designer. 

Tyfel is a logo design company in Bangalore, India. It takes a lot of creativity and effort to make a logo that is unique in its way. There is a lot of research and editing involved in making a unique logo that can be trademarked. Our highly creative and experienced Bangalore logo designer experts at Tyfel are here to create a unique and eye-catching logo design for your brand. Contact or Whatsapp us to find out more!



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    We follow 5 steps to make a unique logo for a business

    We follow a step by step procedure for logo design :

    We make the following types of Logo Designs.

    Abstract Logo Design

    Abstract designs are created by combining a set of creative ideas related to your company or brand. It is purely based on the person’s imagination. Abstract logos demonstrate what you hope to achieve with your business. In a word, the goals and ideals of your firm. The designs are usually in the form of geometrical shapes which are put together to form a logo. Abstract logos are unique and creative to give your brand a professional feel. For example Adidas and Pepsi. We at Tyfel have well-known creative logo designers in Bangalore to create beautiful and elegant logo designs to suit your business category.  

    Brand Logo Design

    A brand logo is a pictorial representation of real-world objects. Brand logo designs are simple and easy to remember and straightforward to remember. For example, apple, and Twitter. Tyfel is the best brand logo design agency in Bangalore. We design clean and elegant brand logos which give a straight unique identity to your brand

    Mascot Design

    Mascot Designs are a great way to develop friendly feelings among your customers. The mascot logo represents a character that communicates the main idea behind the brand. Mascot logos are usually preferred when the brand has customers who are kids or teenagers. If you want to make a wholesome environment with just a logo then definitely a mascot logo is your call. The design faces with enthusiasm, and the results benefit you in the long run. We force our characters to speak which means speaking brand. For example KFC, and Pringles. Tyfel provides a Mascot  Logo Design company in Bangalore, India. Contact us or Whatsapp us to know more. The categories of businesses that use this type of logo are usually restaurants and other food-related industries.

    Emblem Logo Design

    Emblem Logo Design is used to give a more professional and dominant feeling about your brand. it’s one of the classiest logos you will find. The companies or brands which use Emblem logo designs are usually related to the government, defense, schools, and universities. The prominent aspect of an emblem is its traditional feel which gives an impression that the brand has been in business for a long time. For example Harvard, and Starbucks. This logo is your call if you like the dramatic life with a hint of creativity everywhere. Wanting to represent yourself in bold and not going for the emblems logo is a no-no policy.

    Wordmark Design

    A wordmark logo design consists of just the name of the brand which is represented more attractively and professionally. Use a good font that is connected to the brand. They are perfect for new startups. This logo gives weight to your brand. One of the best examples is google. Tyfel is the best Wordmark Logo Design Company in Bangalore. A wordmark has the advantage of representing the brand name as it is but more professionally and attractively. This can be done by using a unique font that directly reflects the personality of the brand.

    Lettermarks or Monogram

    A Lettermark is a simple way of representing a brand by showing just the initials of the brand. This type of logo can be more appropriately used when the brand name is big or difficult to remember. People have always been big fans of initials for a long time, starting from the initials of royal families to the more frequent initials used in social media such as HUH and LOL. for example hp. Looking for a Lettermark to make your brand name look more simple? Contact us or Whatsapp us. Our design team is ever-ready to fulfill all your branding-related needs. 

    Letterforms Design

    Letterforms Logo is a uniquely designed letter that tells the story of the brand. In letterform design, the letter represents the complete brand as a whole. Since the first letter is usually used as the logo, this makes the brand look more simple and easy to recall. we are here to make a beautiful and unique letterform design for your brand. we don’t leave any stone unturned to fulfill your design needs.

    Slime Logo Design

    A slime logo is a more funky way of representing a brand. One of the easy-to-use logos. If you want to give your logo a touch of easy-going then a slim logo design is just for you. Our experts at Tyfel are loaded with ideas to give a cartoon effect to slime logos with a more glossy and perfect design finish.

    Dynamic Mark Design

    If You want to go with the latest trend then definitely a dynamic mark design logo is your call. Here only creativity is called. The designs whose shape remains the same but the color changes continuously are dynamic in their color characteristics. For example FedEx. If you want to engage with your clients and look very much approachable to your customers then dynamic mark design is your call.

    Industries we serve

    healthcare logo design company bangalore

    Healthcare Logo Design

    Are you looking for a great logo design for your hospital or clinic? Tyfel provides the most creative and elegant logos for hospitals, labs, emergency centers, medical stores, pharmacies, maternity clinics, and medical centers. Our professionals have a very experienced and mature sense of the range of colors and design styles best suited to evoke feelings in the healthcare industry. We at Tyfel provide many samples to make our clients feel happy about having a choice among the various styles of design. We can still make edits if you need changes in the fonts or the symbol.

    education logo design company bangalore

    Education Logo Design

    Tyfel is the best education logo design company. We keep in mind the following factors before making an education logo design – relevancy, future vision, color combinations, users’ perspective, competitors, logo size, simplicity and engaging, uniqueness of logo, target audience, impact of the logo.

    bakery logo design company bangalore

    Bakery Logo Design

    Planning to open a new bakery ? The first thing you need is an eye catching logo which reflects the aromas and freshness of baked items ready to satisfy the customer. At Tyfel, we make unique logos which blend successfully with the taste and aromas of freshly baked cakes, pies and muffins. Our design preferences and style communicates the colours and flavours of bakery food products.

    restaurant logo design company bangalore

    Restaurant Logo Design

    You have a new restaurant opened up? Why not brand it? Attract more customers and become the talk of the town. The choice of name, design style, colors, and tagline, all add up to the success of a new restaurant. At Tyfel our Bangalore logo designer team gets all things done to make your clients aware of your food items and tastes through a carefully designed theme and logo. We help you communicate the mouth-watering taste and aromas of your food items just through a logo and a beautifully designed theme. Contact us to join the successful journey of our list of ever-growing businesses.

    real estate logo design company bangalore

    Real Estate Logo Design

    Starting a real estate business? Contact us for an elegant logo best suited to grab the attention of clients. A real estate logo proves to be more effective when it is simple, unique, and speaks about the business through design and emotion. We are the best sell/buy house and construction logo design company in real estate

    boutique logo design company bangalore

    Boutique Logo Design

    An adorable and unique fashion logo design is best for a boutique to create a sense of modern trends. At Tyfel we analyze your business and come up with the most trendy logo design samples to connect with your customers. Are you ready to give your business or brand a new look? Contact us for the best logo design service company to stand out among your competitors

    Why is Tyfel different from others?

    There are three compelling reasons to choose us.

    Follow the Process

    Best Bangalore logo Designer Team

    Gain Positive Feedback

    While there are many freelancers and logo design agencies available online, the majority of them use shortcuts to meet client needs, such as designing simplistic logos from canvas or software tools with little grasp of the creative process. whereas, as previously stated, we believe in the process of producing high-quality work. Our samples, which are created by our professional logo designers, have a personal touch and are delivered to clients online.

    We are a team of award-winning Bangalore logo designers who produce one-of-a-kind logos that follow industry trends. We enjoy keeping up with the latest brand and trends.

    We aim to gain positive feedback by doing our finest work. We are expanding not just in Indian IT states including Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Hyderabad but also in the global market We are a growing brand that aspires to be among the top logo companies in the world. We serve clients across India, the USA, Canada, and UK

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