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What is Whatsapp Marketing ?

Whatsapp is a great platform for brands to engage with their customers. The platform is more effective when used as a medium for advertising or spreading awareness about your business or brand. The number of whatsapp users is growing everyday and it already has more than 2 billion active users. The number of whatsapp users are the highest in Europe and the UK. The biggest advantage of using whatsapp as a marketing tool is that it adds a personal touch to the customer/client. It is a more friendly way to engage with customers to give them more information about your products/services. 


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    Tyfel is the best whatsapp marketing company in Bangalore, India. The ease of communicating with customers makes whatsapp a great marketing tool. There are billions of messages sent via whatsapp everyday and most people find it as a reliable mode of communication. The main advantage of using whatsapp marketing is that it is free to send messages and multimedia content. The brands which want to effectively communicate with their customers should consider whatsapp marketing campaigns. We have a very experienced marketing team to find a quick solution to all your marketing related queries. Just contact us or whatsapp us !

    Advantages of Whatsapp Marketing

    Achieve success with Tyfel. We provide result driven Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns

    Bulk messages delivered only to whatsapp users

    Messages are delivered only to whatsapp users. The broadcasted messages can be tracked to check performance.

    Whatsapp credit plans

    The whatsapp credit plans by Tyfel provides a very affordable and efficient plan. Each credit can be used to send 1 whatsapp text message ( 1500 characters ), 1 PDF, 5 Images, 1 Video.

    Pan India Campaigns

    The bulk whatsapp message campaign can be sent to customers in any state or district across India according to the business category.

    100% Delivery and highly targeted audience

    Whatsapp messages are delivered to clients/customers based on business category. The clients/customers are filtered based on the product category or service. This gives targeted results for whatsapp marketing campaign to reach the right audience who are interested to engage with your business.

    Delivery Report provided through spreadsheets (Google Sheets/ Excel Sheets)

    The bulk whatsapp messages are delivered to the specified number of clients based on credit points. The report of the delivered messages is then created in a spreadsheet to ensure complete transparency.

    Best whatsapp marketing company in Bangalore

    Complete transparency with customer replies

    A screenshot of customer replies is sent to you to analyse customer response and record their feedback. This ensures complete insight on the success of your whatsapp marketing campaign.