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Tyfel is the best Branding company in Bangalore. We have a professional team of experts for planning, design and execution. We follow a step by step process to give a professional and unique identity to your brand. Contact us or Whatsapp us to know more.



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    Best branding company in Bangalore

    Logo Design

    Your company logo is the first thing which customers visualise when buying your products/services. Your business/brand name needs a unique identity to communicate your products/services to your customers. A logo should be such that it represents a complete story of your brand. A logo conveys an emotion about whatever your business represents.

    Brochure Design

    A brochure design forms an integral part of any brand. A unique theme and informative brochure leaves a special impact on the minds of customers when they read about your company/business.

    Environmental Branding

    Environmental branding is a combination of architecture, graphic design and interior design in a physical space which gives a unique emotion to your brand. Tyfel is the best Branding company in Bangalore, India. We have some of the most talented and creative experts for environmental branding.

    Internal Branding

    Internal branding refers to branding within a company among the employees. This type of branding is done to spread more awareness and a sense of belongingness among the employees and the staff of the company.

    Product Branding

    Do you have a product ? Do you want to sell the product ? Tyfel is here to help. We are at the top spot as a product branding company in Bangalore, India ! We do label design, package designing and complete branding for your startup/business to communicate your brand more effectively to your customers. Branding of products gives more information and adds a very professional flavor. This helps your products to be distinguished from other similar products in the market. Lets build a unique image for your business to communicate your story to customers through the power of branding.

    Personal Branding

    Do you want people to know more about your peronality or what you stand for ? Personal branding helps you to present yourself to people in a more professional manner which gives more meaning to your profile or portfolio. 

    Corporate Branding

    We at Tyfel have a professional team of highly creative and experienced individuals. The designs we present to our corporate clients are all unique and well suited to their respective field of products or services.

    Retail Branding

    Retail Branding is the branding of your store to suit the type of products being sold. The branding is done in such a manner that it gives a very comfortable and fresh feel to customers when they visit your retail store. Tyfel is placed among the top 5 best retail and inshop branding company in Bangalore, India.

    Service Branding

    Service Branding is very different from product branding. Product branding involves visual labelling and packaging whereas in service branding, the branding process is more complex since there are no products. Service branding becomes more effective when the design is very unique and stands out in competition. 

    Online Branding

    Online branding in simple terms is branding your business on the internet. This includes extending your brand presence online through social media creatives, online ads through popular ad networks, landing pages, newsletters and responsive web design. Tyfel has a proven track record of being the best online Branding company in Bangalore, India. In order to brand your company/ business online you need a unique theme, our team at Tyfel helps in the development of a unique and creative theme for your business which directly reflects the nature of your products/services.

    At Tyfel we follow a step by step branding process

    Step 1: Performing a brand audit

    This is a very important step to determine the current position of the brand. We do a thorough evaluation to understand the current theme and concept used in the brand. The design, colour, look and feel of the brand is noted down. The UI design of the website is analysed to understand the ease of navigation and the feel of the design. The collateral designs are noted and we collect feedback from clients who have previously worked with your brand. The feedback is analysed to identify areas of improvement. In this step we also evaluate the brands of competitors as well.

    Step 2: Determining the brand's promise

    In this step we gather together the leaders of the company to question them about the goals of the brand. The kind of products or services which the company deals with and their future goals and ambitions. Here we identify the brand’s promise. 

    Step 3: Getting everyone on board

    Here we assess feedback of all the members of the organisation or company. We circulate a questionnaire to identify the current perception about the brand among the employees of the organisation. The employees then give us enough data to analyse their feeling about the brand and this gives us an entire clear picture of the current status of the brand and the brand to be developed. The purpose of getting everyone onboard is to assess the status of the complete organisation as a whole.

    Step 4: Making the brand come alive

    The information collected is next put together to come up with a unique logo design that well suits the goals and mission of the company. Next the theme is developed, the collateral designs are made and the website is redesigned to suit the style of the newly developed brand and we also do changes to improve the overall functionality of the website. The new brand designs are then presented to the organisation and the brand identity is finalised for trademark.